5th & 6th March 2025 in Hamburg

Dipl. Ing. Axel Preuß

Dipl. Ing. Axel Preuß

Dipl. Ing. Axel Preuß

CarStorCon Technologies

Dipl. Ing. Axel Preuß is the founder and CEO of CarStorCon Technologies ® GmbH. After many years as sales director of a precast concrete plant, he combined his experience and curiosity into research in the field of industrial application of biochar. Here, Axel achieved significant research success in the field of technical carbon in construction materials. Today the company develops climate concrete solutions that result in more climate-friendly or even climate-neutral concrete, which, however, achieves at least the performance of a comparative concrete. Additional cement reduction and material benefits are possible.

Represented in the following tracks at the Proptech Summit:


  • 2024 CONSTRUCTION SUMMIT MAIN STAGE: Construction Summit Startup Awards - Part 3

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