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Katja Elkhanova

Katja Elkhanova

Katja Elkhanova

Scenarium AI

Katja Elkhanova is the co-founder and CEO of Scenarium AI. They are building the next generation of building design software, powered by AI.

She came in touch with the construction industry in her early childhood thanks to her dad who is a surveyor ("Vermessungsingenieur") and could not let go ever since. Before founding Scenarium AI, she led the demand generation efforts of the construction tech company "Cosuno" which digitizes the management of subcontractors.

She holds degrees in Information Technology, Economics, and Philosophy from Bayreuth, Copenhagen, and New York. When she's not working on Scenarium AI, you can find her lifting weights at the gym and doing improvisational theater in Berlin.

Represented in the following tracks at the Proptech Summit:

  • 2024 PROPTECH SUMMIT MAIN STAGE: Ecosystem instead of silo thinking:

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